Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy Teapots!

I love to collect teapots... sifting through op shops, antique stores, garage sales etc to look for those different and unusual teapots! They all have there own character each speaking it's own story.... whether they are quirky, pretty, taky or just plain funny! Here are a few that i found that i thought had some interesting character to them!

 Wouldn't want to slip while pouring this teapot... ouch!

I'll just whip up an apron while the tea is brewing??

A Pot of Mr Ed anyone?

Is this a teapot or a toaster?

Surf the web while you wait for your tea to brew!

This teapot takes "Tea for Two" to a whole new level!

For the artist... who needs to "critic" something!

Hands up and no one will get steamed!

The buzzzzzing behive of tea!

Picnic and Tea in the park!

For all those UFO believers out there!!

Which one is your favourite, why?..... i think the cactus teapot has some "extreme" character! :-)

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