Friday, November 19, 2010

31 Days & Counting Down!

Can you believe that it is 31 Days until Christmas... EEK! The craziness begins... well it probably started back in october when the crazy stores started putting out there christmas decorations and playing christmas carols already!  I like christmas day, being with family, enjoying a meal together, relaxing and opening presents but the lead up to the day is downright insane. The rushes at the stores, the high expectation for the day, the Chrisco ads.... oh don't get me started on them! HA Anyway i do like christmas not just the days leading up to it! I have tried to abstain from thinking about christmas until the 1st of December but that just wasn't possible... to be truly organized for the day i think you need to give your mind some advanced notice for the incoming madness!

Cute Christmas "Tea" Print

I love this cute tea cabinet!

These christmas inspired macaroons are so cute!

What things do you love and hate about christmas time?

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