Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Art Of Cupcake's

Cupcakes are a perfect accompaniment to any good cup of tea. They are also a great idea for birthdays, high teas or any celebratory event! Not only do they look fantastic they a super easy to make and there are so many ways to decorate them. I think in the last few years the art of cupcake making has exploded. Cupcake stands, cupcake papers, toppers, ribbons, flags, bows, sprinkles & myriads of little extra's have
come on to the market to help your cupcake making creativity. Cupcakes shops have even opened selling decorative and delicious arrays of cupcakes. I love to make cupcakes for special occasions and have had the honour of doing so for birthdays, hen’s parties and even a WEDDING!!! (Not that i saying a pro or anything)

{ Look at this gorgeous "Tea" Inspired Cupcake}

The first step to making the most delicious cupcake is the type of flavour. There are millions of flavours to choose, from the most basic of flavours such as vanilla or chocolate or extravagant flavours such as Lemon Meringue, Cherry Ripe, Banana Split, Turkish Delight, Rocky Road, Vanilla Latte, Chai, Cookies & Cream and the list goes on and on and on! Don’t get me started on icing flavours as well.

{Anyone for a pink cupcake wrapper?}

So once you have decided on what delectable cupcake & icing combination you want to devour next is what to “dress” your cupcake in. Honestly the options are endless....... to make things easier stick with a theme, try going with a colour, pattern or shape to make things easier. You can get some gorgeous cupcake papers but or any plain or patterned cupcake paper which matches your theme is great.

{ You couldn't go past these gorgeous cupcake toppers}

Next is to choose a topper... whether it is sprinkles, icing flowers, bows, flags, cachous balls, candles, butterflies... whatever suits your theme. Remember the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. The simplest things bunched together in a group will look absolutely stunning.

{What a tantalising array of beautifully decorated cupcakes}

And the last step is how to present your cupcake creations. Depending out what the occasion it is there are various cupcake stands available – ranging in tiered stands, wire holders or simply gathered on a platter.

{ A simple yet effective display}

DON’T forget the most important addition to any cupcake creation is a warm and comforting cup of tea. Tea’s that would compliment a cupcake should be a good strong black tea to cut through the sweetness. Old favourites such Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Ceylon Orange Pekoe would be a great choice but for the real Tea connoisseur you could try an Australian Daintree, Darjeeling or a Pu-erh Oolong to stretch your taste buds.

{Perfect partners.... Tea & Cupcakes}

{Here is a photo of the cupcakes i did recently for my cousins wedding!}

So whatever cupcake adventure you go on.... remember HAVE FUN!

Until next time.....

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