Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mae Collection - Tea Time

I was sifting through a few blogs and stumbled across this gorgeous blog called Studio of Mae. Not only is the blog visually exciting and interesting wait until you check out the website "LOVE MAE".  A collection of friends have created a collection of fabric wall stickers in the cutest designs!!! The one i love the most (obviously) is the tea time sticker set.

Mini Tea Time $19.95

Large Tea Time $79.95

A bit about Mae:

Mae is the lovechild of Peta, Bec and Emily. Brought together by a mutual love of sweet, whimsical designs
and the desire to create a working life that complimented their personal lives.
Somewhere among the many late nights, meetings over buttery scones and tea, some happy accidental
discoveries (namely, our adhesive fabric!) and pretty designs, Mae was born.
Mae’s delightful fabric wall stickers are designed with children in mind and are more than happy to be
moved around - and scrunched up, smoothed out and rearranged again and again. They don’t mind a shower
here and there either, after being rough housed by those precious yet impossibly grubby little ones.
As well as being quite good looking, fun and unique, Mae is always doing her best to be kind to the
environment, always supporting local Australian businesses. We use ‘eco’ inks and recycled cardboard
packaging, not to mention our stickers are reusable and with proper care (and even a bit of improper care)
will last for years to come.

Be sure to check out there free downloadable wall paper for you to print out for yourself to decorate with! How great is that! So if your decorating a child's room or just love the whimsical designs be sure to pop on over to there website and pick up some of these gorgeous designs!

Visit Us At: The Simply Tea Shop ~ "For The Love Of Tea" ~


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